Where are the objects manufactured?

All impossible objects are designed, built and finished in Switzerland by Davide.


Are the bottles altered?

None of the impossible bottles are cut or altered. This means that what is inside the bottles passes, somehow, through the neck.

How long does it take to create an impossible bottle?

Depending on the model, from one hour to several days.


Is it possible to purchase a custom model?

By getting in touch with Davide it is possible to customize the bottle or the object.


What does it mean that the bottles are guaranteed?

If the object inside, with the passage of time, should no longer be in the same condition as when it was purchased, just send the bottle and it will be repaired. The warranty does not cover any damage due to bad care. 


Can bottles be shipped anywhere? Yup.

How are the bottles packed for shipping?

The bottles are packed with care and all possible precautions are taken to ensure that the objects is delivered in perfect conditions. It is also possible to insure the shipment (recommended for large orders).

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